15 Jul 2024

Welcome To Nur ul Ilm Academy


Nur ul Ilm Academy is a registered organization, both in the UK and Australia and runs its courses in the UAE through collaboration of local legal entities.  The courses are also broadcasted online. The certifications are provided from Nur ul Ilm Academy UK branch.  We do provide courses for free for those who cannot afford to contribute anything towards running of the academy.  Nur ul Ilm Academy does not raise any funds for running its operations, and covers its costs from the contributions of the students.

In the era of extremism and where the name of Islam is used for the acts of inhumanity, we strive to help develop the beautiful character of the Prophet (peace be upon him) of peace and love.  

There is the knowledge of sacred Islamic sciences, and then there is the light of knowledge that penetrates the heart and benefits on the Day of Judgment.  If the knowledge does not become light, instead of being beneficial, it becomes a burden on that day.  The knowledge becomes light through connection with Allah ta'ala, and implementation of that knowledge in one's life.  Implementation of knowledge and character building is the key focus in Nur ul Ilm Academy, hence the name 'Nur ul Ilm' meaning 'The light of knowledge'.

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  • Alhamdullilllah, Nur ul Ilm Academy has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. It is about learning sacred knowledge deep down from the classical roots and implementing it within the core of our hearts and soul. It has amazing teachers who inspire you everyday to become a better person. I have found this journey to be an extraordinary one - of rekindling the love with Allah ‫تعالى‬
    Evita Khan, Dubai